January 2020 - Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Kansas(after the snowfall subsided)

January 2020 - Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Kansas
(after the snowfall subsided) 


Rural landscapes in the American Midwest and West can be simplistically beautiful, yet desolate. I aspire to capture the moods of the region in which I live through solo adventures that enable me to experience the subjects and scenes without distraction. To bring balance and inspiration to my work and time, I also shoot locations around the country and abroad. I have a humble fascination with the world, and I want to share the sense of wonder that I felt while taking these photographs. 

I learned photography by traditional methodology, using a darkroom to develop film and make prints. My high school art teacher entrusted me with independent study classes after I completed the regular photography courses, which helped me experiment with my ideas and get enough darkroom time to execute them. In college, I continued shooting on film, then started to use the school’s digital cameras for shooting assignments for the newspaper. My favorite work wasn't actual news assignments, but “wild art” for the paper, which could be anything of visual interest on campus or around town. Creative freedom and the ability to explore have always been paramount to me, so sharing my art through large scale prints is a wonderful way for my creative endeavors to come full circle. The technology changed from film to files, but the basics of capture and the motive of wonder and awe to see the world remain the same. 

I continue to use traditional techniques to capture scenes, and modern technology to get them from raw image to print ready. A large variety of lenses and filters accommodate different shooting situations, and in post production, my final vision is executed by using tools that strictly mimic dark room procedures to execute an image that matches the sense of solitude and wonder that I felt while taking the photograph.  

Thank you for visiting and taking a look, I am humbled and honored to have shared these images with you.